Trish believes representatives should listen to their constituents, so starting in 2017 she set out on a 64-county exploratory tour across Colorado. Today, thanks to the efforts of over 300 volunteers, Trish has visited all 64 counties across Colorado.

Our campaign values people-to-people connections and local culture, so as we travel the great state of Colorado we also take the time to visit local farms (hello, Palisade peaches!), local businesses (don’t miss Off The Beaten Path Bookstore & Cafe in Steamboat!), as well as local attractions, festivals, and more. We also make sure to visit and talk with people of all political stripes as well as people from both rural and urban communities. No place is too small — we even made it to Lake City, Colorado, one of the most remote areas in the lower 48!

Below is a map of our statewide tour. If you missed us, or live somewhere we haven’t been, contact us to host an event — we’d love to hear what matters most to you!