Economy & Jobs

The average American lives paycheck to paycheck while the wealthiest Americans get richer and richer. I support policies which not only restore balance and prosperity to the middle class, but policies that will work to reverse the growing wage gap and secure economic potential for generations to come. I am deeply committed to raising the federal minimum wage, closing pay gaps for women (especially women of color), and especially in creating the next generation of well paying, lasting jobs through modernization of our public infrastructure, a renewable energy grid, updating our transportation corridors, and more.

National Healthcare

I have worked in healthcare research for years, working with families to get people the help they need. I have seen how illness can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or income, and I deeply believe basic healthcare services must be not-for-profit with easy access to quality care. I believe no American should go bankrupt for medical needs. I believe in comprehensive care which includes vision, dental, mental health, physical therapy, preventative services, and more. I am firmly dedicated to using my healthcare experience to support policy reform that will increase affordable access and care for all.

Political Reform

Did you know I'd need to raise at least $25M for this U.S. Senate race? We need reform. I will only accept monies which support my and Colorado values. I cannot be bought, and I support the right of people over corporations. I would push for financial transparency at the highest levels of government, policies ending gerrymandering, and improved voter access nation wide. I also strongly support voting modernization such as automated voter registration and a paid national holiday for presidential elections. A democracy is the people; we need to ensure we can all use our voices.


Education is the backbone of a democratic society. As an educator myself, I am passionate about building a robust public education system. For the early years, I strongly support the expansion of our public education system to include Pre-K through 12th grade, as well as increases in teacher pay, school supply funding (so teachers don’t have to pay for supplies), and funding for infrastructure updates. At the university level, I am committed to reducing the overall cost of college, reducing student loan interest, ensuring debt-free college opportunities, enhancement of trade schools and extended learning programs, and increasing pay and benefits for non-tenure track faculty.

Science & Technology

Did you know there are no scientists on the U.S. Senate science committee? I’d like to change that! As a researcher in the biosciences, I have a personal understanding of how investing in science and technology shapes our future. We often take for granted all that science has offered us, but everything we do is influenced by innovation. I therefore believe it is our collective duty to invest in solving the problems of tomorrow, leaving future generations better off. Examples include designing enhanced battery storage capacities (permits the creation of large scale renewable energy grids), improving medical treatments, and combating climate change.

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable environmental practices are not only good for our planet, but for our physical, emotional, and financial well beings. America has a prime opportunity to capitalize on the potential benefits of being a 21st century leader in combating a changing climate, including everything from reducing greenhouse gases to modernizing food production to managing our public lands. We should work to become the example of modern excellence, respected for our foresight and innovation. America is nothing if not capable of great change - let's be bold!

National Security

Our world is more interconnected than ever and modern warfare can be highly technical and information oriented. I strongly support enhancement of our national data security systems as well as strong protections for our national grid. I support global leadership by the United States in addressing environmental security issues and working diplomatically with our allies to diffuse conflicts, keeping a clear line of repudiating violent dictators. I believe in defending our borders, yet keeping a warm welcome for those who seek refuge and opportunity in America. I support firearm reform policies as best reflected by the American College of Physicians, and extensive criminal justice reform such as ending for-profit prisons and gender/racial bias.

Rural Values

Fun fact! I grew up in a small, rural mountain town in Northern New Hampshire. We lived in a small house my father built, surrounded by trees, a creek, peace and quiet. We literally brought neighbors sugar and offered to help shovel each other's driveways when storms came. I deeply value rural life and wish to support those who choose such incredible communities to call home. Sometimes, it can feel like the policies better benefit the urban lifestyles, so I would like to reassure rural Coloradans that I would work tirelessly to provide small communities with policies that support good jobs, access to healthcare, and bring innovation while still maintaining your unique cultures. 

Social Justices

We are all Americans. We are all equal. We all deserve equal rights regardless of gender, race, heritage, disability, income, religion, LGBTQIA, age, or anything that make us the strong human beings that we are. I do not support discriminatory laws of any kind, and I acknowledge the role of intersectionality and cultural biases in policy making. I’m deeply committed to bringing diverse experiences and voices to the table, starting with our team and beyond. I envision Colorado taking on a leading role in anti-discriminatory practices, marking our place on the right side of history and thriving because of it. Join us today to make your voice heard. #TeamTrish #2020Vision